Regimental Command Platoon:

Nominally considered a ‘platoon’, the higher command element includes the Regimental Commander (Colonel Senekal), the Bloodcoats, The XO (Major Lekcic) and his command squad, the administrative staff and associated advisors (Astropaths, Naval Liaison etc.) a small ecclesiastical element and one or more representatives of the Omnissiah. Nominally this element will be between 30 and 40 personnel.

Transport is a mix of vehicles, normally Chimerae for the more combat oriented elements. Originally the rest were transported in Ithacas, but some now need to use locally sourced vehicles as those uniquely Danikan vehicles have become less common.

Other Command Platoons:

Answering to the Regimental Command Platoon are the other Command Company elements. They are:

1) The Medical platoon of about 20 Medicae plus some administrative staff, drivers etc. for a total of 35 personnel.

The Medicae platoon is considered high priority, so still has a full supply of Ithaca vehicles for transport.

2) The Engineering Platoon. This unit normally has a platoon command, almost always including an Engineseer and 3-4 squads of Engineers. Their main job is building facilities, clearing roads, building minefields and other boobytraps and camoflage. Many are demolitions specialists, who also double as EOD when necessary.

As with the Command Platoon, a combination of Ithaca and Chimera transport vehicles are used.

3) The Signals Platoon. This unit nominally handles battlefield communications, but other ‘catch all’ elements have traditionally been found in it. Radio intercept and similar has led to the Sigint (Signal Intelligence) squad being part of Signals. Another duty, only occasionally leveraged, is electronic warfare (jamming). The Platoon also includes the ‘radio shop’ where vox units of both field and microbead style are maintained.

As a specialty unit, the Signals unit has a full complement of Ithaca vehicles, many of them specialized for Communications work.

4) Mech Recon Platoon. The old adage says ‘Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted’. The Danikans know this full well. This platoon contains various mechanized elements used for scouting and intel gathering. Originally mounted in Salamander Scout vehicles and the Danikan wheeled ‘Lynx’ equivalent, this unit has recently added one man Raehaniv ATV scout vehicles and several squads of sentinel one man walkers. The Platoon command team includes another Intelligence team, this one focused on Map work and some Humanint/Xenint work.

5) Grav Recon Platoon. An aberration in Imperial Guard units – the Danikans manage to keep a small unit of Imperial Guard Land Speeders in the air, mainly due to Danika’s surviving repulsor factory. These are primarily used for recon, but like other recon units make excellent fast strike units. In addition to the 2 man speeders, a small group of contragravity jet bikes can also be found in the unit, mainly in the command squad. As with the Mech Recon, there are intelligence specialists, but here their intel work is secondary to their jobs as vehicle operators.

6) Logistics and Maintenance Platoon. The ‘Motor Pool’ is an over-sized platoon (really a short company) and does double duty, both as a repair shop as well as a transport unit. Included within the unit are also the various Logistics troops who see to ordering and distributing ammunition, food and fuel for the regiment. There are only a few of these soldiers as much of this is handled by the Munitorum, however the unique multi arm nature of Danikan regiments like the Fourth, mean that sometimes extra wrangling and distribution is needed. The unit also includes several field kitchens and cooks.

The L&M platoon has a wide mix of vehicles, being a clearing house for the regiment. Ithacas, Chimera, locally sourced wheeled and tracked vehicles and construction and recovery assets can all be found here as well as various other vehicles seconded to this unit for repair or reclamation.

On those occasions when the L&M company becomes so large as to be difficult to manage as part of the Command Company, it is re-organized as ‘M’ Company and placed within the Auxiliary Battalion.

C) – The Commissariat. While not included in the Table of Organization and Equipment proper, the Commissariat is generally considered to be part of the command structure of the Regiment. As such, support for the Regimental and Company Commissars – usually requisitioned as needed from other parts of the regiment is found in an ‘ad hoc’ group which is usually considered to be ‘part’ of the Regimental Command Company.

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