The first of the 4th Danika’s two Artillery Companies, Hotel Company is a mix of weapons systems and is normally split into ‘platoons’, which in an artillery company is normally called a battery. Each battery is assigned a specific sector of the front to lend support to and this selection will heavily involve a lot of the specific battery characteristics, most particularly the significant difference in ranges in the weapons systems. The Company Command vehicle is a modified chimera APC with additional vox units. The superb communications allowed by this ‘rear link’ variant allow it to operate either as a forward observation post, or as a link vehicle to keep the batteries in contact if fire coordination between them is needed. This usually involves the longer ranged assets in support of those with shorter range.

Ammunition re-supply and maintenance are handled by the Logistics and Maintenance units.

The Company Motto isShatter their skies!

1st Battery (Griffon Heavy Mortars)

The Griffons provide incredibly accurate medium range bombardment – the large blasts of the mortars capable of shattering light and medium infantry attacks like a sledgehammer striking a custard pie.

2nd Battery (Basilisk SP Artillery)

The Basilisk’s very long range Earthshaker cannon make this unit the primary support element. When there is trouble across a wide area of the front, the 2nd platoon is probably capable of responding with a barrage of heavy cannon.

This battery is commanded by Lieutenant Miguel Castillo.

3rd Battery (Medusa SP Siege Guns – enclosed)

The fully enclosed Medusa platforms of the 3rd platoon are not very useful for long ranged fire, nor do they normally fire indirect. Instead this platoon functions as a light siege gun unit, moving quickly into position to destroy bunkers and hardpoints which are holding up the advance of tanks or infantry, particulalry in heavily urbanized areas.