Beta Company has been with the 4th since its inception, but has recently undergone a significant personnel change. During hard fighting on Cadia, much of the Company’s infantry was wiped out, leaving only the heavy teams from the command platoon and the Chimera and Ithaca transports and their respective crews. During the battle the remainder teamed up with a shattered Regiment of the Raehaniv Regulars and together made a significant impact on the battle (for more details of this event see A Knife in the Darkness in the fiction section).

Today, the majority of the infantry in B company is from Raehan, while most of the vehicle crews and heavy teams remain Danikan. After the battle the unit’s uniforms were replaced with a Raehaniv green to signify solidarity. By and large the Raehaniv troops have blended well into the 4th, the one small sticking point being that the more egalitarian Raehaniv troops contain a fair number of female soldiers, something many Danikans find a bit difficult to deal with.

As a mechanized company – the unit’s squads are mounted in Chimera Armored Fighting Vehicles. The heavy teams generally use Ithacas as they are not expected to be as close to the fighting as the regular infantry.

The Company Motto isFor Raehan and Danika!

Command Platoon

The current company commander is a Danikan from one of the artillery companies who is getting his first real taste of mech infantry command. This is not intended as a permanent assignment and, in fact, much of the true command rests with the third platoon’s lieutenant, Elodar Griffin, who is being groomed for Company command by the Colonel. The brevet captain is there mostly to ensure cultural continuity as the Raehaniv and Danikan troops learn to work together. So far it has been a remarkably easy assignment.

With this transition in mind, the Company Command platoon is primarily administrative and rides in an Ithaca, remaining far from the battlelines.

The remainder of the Command platoon are heavy and special weapons teams. These are often ‘attached out’ to the various Combat Platoons as needed, particularly when the company is not fighting as a complete unit. The heavy squads are transported by Ithaca and contain Missile, Lascannon and Autocannon teams. Special teams are generally carried in Chimerae as they are expected to get closer to the action. There are flamer and plasma gun teams and a single melta team, made up of Raehaniv Regular troops who find these weapons more familiar than the Danikans.

Combat Platoons

There are four Combat Platoons in B Company, each follows the same basic structure as follows:

Platoon Command Squad

The Platoon Lieutenant, a medic, an orderly and a couple of other troopers who perform administrative and security work off the battlefield but who generally tote special or heavy weapons on it. Orderlies seldom bother with the platoon standard on the battlefield, their commander generally opting for more firepower.

The Platoon Command unit rides in a Chimera along with any attached leaders or advisors such as Commissars, psychic support etc.

Platoon Support Squads (2)

Each platoon has a small amount of organic support – in the form of a pair of 6 man support teams armed with special or heavy weapons. These weapon specialists are generally trained in a wide variety of MOS and will draw weapons from the armory as needed for their mission. They are often supplanted by teams from the Company Command Platoon.

Generally the Support Squads ride in Ithaca transports which are sent to the rear as soon as they are set up. Occasionally a chimera is substituted particularly if the support squads have drawn special rather than heavy weapons.

Platoon Tactical Squads (3)

Each Platoon will have three ten man tactical squads assigned to it. They ride in Chimerae.

Platoon Veteran Squads (0-2)

Some platoons may have hardened veteran squads as part of their platoons. These experienced soldiers frequently operate on their own and carry a wide variety of unorthodox weapons such as shotguns.

In the third platoon, one of the veteran squads is commanded by Sergeant Ariel Harlow.

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