Table of Organization and Equipment

In military parlance a Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E for short) is a description of the detailed structure and equipment/weaponry of a military asset. Frequently the ‘Organization’ is more detailed as equipment, within a military, is frequently assumed to be a standard type that everyone is familiar with. In an Imperial Guard Tactical Squad, for example, it would be unusual to define that the troopers are armed with lasguns – as virtually all troopers in the vast Astra Militarum are armed with variants of that basic laser rifle.

However it might be of interest to a reader to know that in addition to their ubiquitous squad weapons, a squad also carries a missile launcher and a plasma rifle as the heavy and special weapons respectively. This is useful information for logistics staff, who would need to know that the squad required missiles and plasma flasks for re-armament as well as to potential commanders who know that in addition to their ability to shoot enemy troopers, the squad has some organic anti armor ability, although nothing that could deal with a very heavy vehicle reliably.

The following pages will delineate the TO&E of the 4th Danika. As a long service regiment, it should be noted that both the structure and equipment will change from time to time, as units are destroyed or new elements recruited, vehicles become unavailable or are replaced etc. This stated structure can be considered the most common ‘on paper’ organization after a full period of refit and replenishment. Even a few days of hard battle at the front could alter the reality significantly.

Regimental Command Elements

Separate from the rest of the Regimental Structure is the ‘Command Company’. This contains the higher command and support elements of the Regiment. In addition to the Regimental Command Platoon, there are various support elements preserved at the Regimental level such as the Medicae Platoon, the Engineering Platoon etc.

While not included in the Table of Organization and Equipment proper, the Commissariat is generally considered to be part of the command structure of the Regiment. As such, support for the Regimental and Company Commissars – usually requisitioned as needed from other parts of the regiment is found in an ‘ad hoc’ group which is usually considered to be ‘part’ of the Regimental Command Company.

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The Line Companies

The Line, or Battle Companies make up the main fighting arm of the 4th Danika. Each Company has a command element – which may be a single vehicle or a command platoon with its own organic support elements. While Line Companies have various internal logistical and administrative personnel, these are not dedicated positions at the Company level, but extra duties normally assigned to a trooper or NCO who rotates through the duty. In practice, however, when a truly talented trooper or Sergeant winds up in a role the Company Captain will often try and keep them there. Depending on the Captain these can either be ‘plum’ positions or nightmares to be assiduously avoided at every opportunity.

Companies are (loosely) grouped into three Battalions, sometimes called Battle Groups. These are intentionally kept somewhat informal, as Companies can be rotated into or out of them at need. The most common configuration, which is frequently changed due to needs on the ground, is to have the Combat Battalion, the Support Battalion and the Auxiliary Battalion organized as shown below.

The Combat Battalion‘s most common configuration includes Companies A, B, C, D, E and F. These are the main armor and infantry companies in the regiment. F Company often ‘swings’ over to the Support Battalion in support of G Company when needed. Company A is the 4th Danika’s primary Armored Company, while Companies B-F are various infantry elements, some mechanized, some not.

The Support Battalion is just that – elements of the Regiment used as powerful support elements for the Combat companies. It normally consists of Companies G, H and I. Very occasionally Company J is brought in from the Auxiliary Battalion while Company G may move ‘up’ to the Combat Battalion or Company F brought ‘down’ from the Combat forces. Company G is the 4th Danika’s ‘other’ Armored Company – but unlike A Company, the vehicles in G tend to be specialty units. Ancient plasma tanks, various types of laser tank destroyers and other similar equipment are found in G company. H and I companies are Artillery – mostly self propelled but there are some towed weapons as well.

The Auxiliary Battalion is the ‘catch all’ for the Danikan regiment. It consists of Companies J, K, L and M (if there is one). Company J is AAA artillery, sometimes sent up to the Support Battalion to provide cover for the Artillery – or add to their firepower in the case of the Manticores. K is a miscellaneous Company and will include all the Regimental oddments that don’t fit elsewhere. This might include Ogryns, Battle Psykers, attached Storm Trooper units and occasionally even Penal troopers or stranger things. L Company is a ‘true’ Recon company, some mounted on horses, others on various mechanized options or even on foot as stealthy scouts. Unlike the Command Recon elements, they are more of a combat asset and are often used to penetrate enemy lines, grab a key objective and then hold until relieved. M Company is only occasionally present. Sometimes the Logistics/Motor Pool Platoon – almost always quite an over-sized platoon – in the Command Company gets so large it really needs its own area, when this happens it’s generally given its own Captain and moved over to become M Company in the Auxiliary Battalion.

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